The Royal Wedding! (29)

… and that’s it.

Lovely ceremony, dont you think? None of that “love, honour, and obey” nonsense that no one ever plans on keeping anyway… although in the case of these two, maybe they will — except for the “obey” stuff anyway.

I know there’s been a lot of talk of late about how marriage equality is overshadowing everything else going on for LGBT folks, how we should be looking at other issues facing the community, and all that — and not to sound dismissive, but let’s face it; when you’re standing in front of the God and everyone and saying you love someone… well, that’s a moment that’s kinda hard to beat, particularly when you’ve told all your life that you’re just obsessed with sex and your relationships are doomed and you’re going to die by 40 anyway.

Sure, just like straight marriages, sometimes they dont work out like we planned. But for me anyway, it’s just knowing that we made it this far in my lifetime, that I am sometimes gobsmacked at what we’ve accomplished. And who knows where that will lead tomorrow?

OK, a bit of single page stuff to decompress, then… well, we’ll see.

Thanks, as always, for being such great readers.

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4 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding! (29)

  1. The styling and textures in that last panel are off the CHAIN. Thanks for ending it with that special flourish.

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