6 thoughts on “The Confession… (3)

  1. Back when D&R was a drawn strip, you did a very similar story with a similar ending but you took as VERY different route to get there! I’m glad you gave us a very happy ending here.

    • Well, there were different issues at play there. Here, Ray’s just having some fun (as you’ll see in the next episode), while back then he was having real issues about the future of the relationship as well as dealing with aging and mortslity. In many respects, the Raider from back then is Mik in today’s version: dealing with issues and not knowing how best to handle them and sometimes handling them wrong. But they all learn along the way.

      • All very true. Yes, the situation back then and now is very different, D&R has evolved along with all their friends and their personalities. But the first couple of panels of this short was VERY similar to that older tale. I was wondering where you’d take it. Thanks again!

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