The Breakdown! (5)


It’s been fun (if a bit painful) dragging the old characters out for a spin. I do plan on bringing them back every so often, because they are fun to draw — once I figure out how to capture them yet again. And to that end…

CONTEST TIME. No biggie on this one. Just leave a comment below or on the boys’ Facebook or Tumbl pages. Doesnt have to be anything more than simply saying hi. This weekend, I’ll choose one at random and send the lucky person an original, retro-version, hand drawn, pen-and-ink version of Doc and Ray.

St, Pat’s is coming up, so I gotta get the guys prepped for that — and next week, Elliot decides to do something about a very pressing Canadian issue. What would that be, you ask? Let’s just say he’s gonna help the CRTC (the Canuck equivalent of the American FCC) in its quest to correct something amiss in Canadian broadcasting…..

7 thoughts on “The Breakdown! (5)

  1. I still have my two first editions of their beginning adventures from way back. Think of you often Sean. I would consider it a win if you dropped me a line and we could reconnect!


  2. You continue to great work Sean. Thanks for bringing “last century” boys together with “this century” boys. Brings a warm feeling to my heart & other “regions” 🙂

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter, as they say. Never saw the sketchy version of the guys before. I agree that Sketchland has the better gym. 🙂

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