Quiet, Man! (31)

And Raymond-François isnt wrong: we have all seen it all before from Disney. The question now remains: how well do you know your Disney?

There are scads of references to other recycled Disney films in this. Some are obvious. Some… not quite so much so. Your mission is to see how many you can find. I’ll warn you: one of them is pretty obscure, another isnt obscure but maybe not widely known… but it’s all authentic Disney. So between now and next Saturday, 28 September, find as many as you can and send me your list to sean (at) joey-aristophanes.com. The one with the most correct entries will get a special prize: a piece of original DnR art that’s a sort of Fantasia on themes from the storyline. I havent counted them all, but I think there’s about fifteen or twenty. Happy hunting!

A bit of one-shots over the weekend, then a new storyline starts on Monday. Enjoy!

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