Mrs Kai! (20)


We’re going to leave this story for a while, then return to it when Al gets out.

I wont beat a dead philosophical horse here, but it’s sometimes bleakly amusing to see what people do “in the name of (insert name of preferred deity of choice here)!”, as though Jesus would be delighted to see His followers stomping around on other people’s simple right to use the bathroom or as though Allah would be just thrilled to see some girl forced into a marriage she doesnt want. Curiously enough (or maybe not so), in both cases, the “traditional” way of handling such problems is, of course, to simply destroy those who disagree with you or dont meet your particular standard of an acceptable level of faith in Whatever Might Be Out There Supposedly Watching Over Us.

And that right there is an ironic concept at best, since the WMOTWOU doesnt really seem to give much of a damn about His/Her/Its creation. Yet, here we are, painting “Thank You God!” on the roof of our house when everyone else’s has been destroyed by a tornado. Forcing women to be fully covered head to toe just because men are so weak that the sight of an unclothed ankle would drive them into some kind of sexual frenzy.

Is this what “God” (whatever you use for that) really intended for us? To be this revoltingly stupid about our relationship to each other?

I may believe in a lot of things when it comes to Him/Her/It, but that one really strains credibility…

OK, a few days of filler nonsense, as we usually do after these mega-arcs, then we’ll be checking in to see how the production of FERRO 2 is coming along. The big premiere is, after all, in a couple of months.

And thanks again to all twelve of my great readers. You guys and girls and those inbetween are the best.


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