Meant to Be? (15)

This is the resolution of a storyline that’s been left open since March of 2014, when the guys first realized they’d encountered each other before meeting up again in a bar in Toronto ten years later. And the question was always left unanswered: what happened that night in the parking lot at Mudfoot’s? The guys didnt remember, so I guess we had to go back to find out, and now we know.

Fate is such a funny thing sometimes. Whether or not you actually believe in it — or whether you quietly dismiss it as looking back on the life choices that made it happen — it’s still there. I can look at my own history and see times when the actions of others had a direct impact on the trajectory of my life — just as I can see how my own affected those around me. We’re all like a bunch of little stainless steel balls, rolling around, crashing into each other, sending each other off on new, sometimes different paths just as we ourselves are struck and then propelled on a new angle. Thing is, without other people, one of two things happen: (1) your path is set out and never changes or (2) you dont go anywhere at all.

And there’s your Life Lesson for the day.

OK, some single pieces for a bit, then we’re getting ready to ship Raymond-François and Jérôme off to London. But of course, it’s never quite that simple, right?

Just an FYI: the strip will be on a brief hiatus starting next Wednesday the 16th — I’ll be in Detroit for ConFusion, moderating a panel on long-running comic strips… you know, like this one. If you’re there, stop by and say hello. We’ll resume things around here sometimes on the following Sunday.

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