One thought on “Limbo! (16)

  1. If you’ve not already read the Nightside series by Simon Green (and I suspect you may already have done so, as evidenced by this latest tale), I highly recommend the books to you . . . and to anyone enjoying this tale as much as I am . . .
    Something from the Nightside (2003)
    Agents of Light and Darkness (2003)
    Nightingale’s Lament (2004)
    Hex and the City (2005)
    Paths Not Taken (2005)
    Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth (2006)
    Hell to Pay (2006)
    The Unnatural Inquirer (2008)
    Just Another Judgement Day (2009)
    The Good, the Bad and The Uncanny (2010)
    A Hard Day’s Knight (2011)
    The Bride Wore Black Leather (2012)

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