One thought on “Kiss and Tell!

  1. If you’re referring to Scotty Bowers’ memoirs, you’ll be glad to know that I received an e-mail from the Toronto Public Library yesterday that my request has already been fulfilled, and it’s waiting for my at my local branch, just around the corner. Theres nothing like curling up with a good book… or someone who’s read one. FIlm at eleven!

    “The New Yorker” recently said of it: “He made his reputation by sleeping with everyone in Hollywood who wasn’t actually Lassie, and now he tells all. If you ever suspected that Spencer Tracy was bisexual and Tyrone Power a coprophiliac, and if you happen to believe everything you read, here is all the testimony you require. Bowers takes particular pride in the services that he performed for, and with, the Duke and Duchess on a visit to America: ‘Essentially, he was gay and she was a dyke.’ Ah, happy days: ‘We would have a mixture of half a dozen males and females engage in a display of gay and straight sex in the bungalow and then Eddy, Wally, and I would each pair off with the one we fancied most.’

    “It sounds rather like Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and one knows exactly what Edward’s mother, Queen Mary, would have said: ‘My dear, they did it in a bungalow.’ ”

    So I *immediately* got online to the Toronto Public Library and the rest is history.

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