Joy! (8)

I have this friend for whom the Universe is apparently an open catalogue of riches. He has this magical ability to locate virtually anything he wants and/or needs… and sometimes even before he makes the request. He is the sort who walks into a thrift store and finds a Broadway cast album signed by Richard Rodgers. If there is something missing from his collection of old radio shows, you can bet that eBay will have it listed within 72 hours.

It’s almost weird.

He’s not a hoarder by any stretch, even though he does have over 3,000 DVDs and BluRays. Everything is kept righteously organized. And when something is missing from that collection, the Universe provides.

He does, on rare occasion, delete things from the library. If he gets a restored BluRay of some film, the DVD gets sent to a thrift store for resale. But that’s pretty much it. The Universe just gives and gives, and he manages to find a place for it all, in case the Universe ever asks for it back.

On the other hand, I live an almost monastic life, with few possessions I could not live without should a fire erupt or a hurricane blast through. My place isnt totally Spartan, but it is… streamlined. I rarely buy new, when there is so much given to thrift stores that I can just about find what I need when I need it. And when I no longer need something, the Universe gets it back so it can go on to live happily with someone else. It keeps things simple.

There’s probably a Life Lesson in there somewhere.

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