Jake’s Little Secret! (28)

So… what’s going to happen with these two? Did they get their happy ending? Well, (1) I dont know, and (2) sorta, I guess, but happier an ending that maybe they’ve had in the past.

It’s so strange, that moment when you think you may be embarking on a relationship with someone. You’re not exactly boyfriend (or girlfriends) yet, but you can see there’s the possibility of a chance that maybe you might be, and it’s very scary because you’re almost committing to something that you dont really know what it is… at least not yet. Sure, we all know that truly annoying couple that figured everything out after their first One Night Stand and have lived happily ever after. But face it: they’re rare. Most of us just flail around, looking for some kind of label to describe what it is each of us is, as well as what the two of us are in tandem with each other. In this case, Connor’s being wise enough to admit he doesnt know, but he’s still hopeful β€” and Jake is being… well, Jake: uncertain as well, but a bit cautious about it all. We’ll check in with them in a few months to see where it’s going.

In the interim, a bit of time-stepping until I figure out this year’s Christmas story. I havent written it yet, so I have no idea what it’s going to be. Just remember, halfway through, it’ll probably veer off into something else entirely….. πŸ™‚

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