Caption Contest 1!

Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, so here we go. Once a month, I’m gonna have a captionless cartoon, like the one below, and you are invited to finish it.


A few rules: It can any length or any take you want on the image, but let’s keep it reasonably clean, okay? 🙂 The winning entry will be based on how much you understand the characters and how much it makes me laugh — cant get much easier than that, can it…

Multiple entries are okay, but to a max of three. All entires remain your own property. Submit in any language, as long as you provide an English translation. If you want to go topical, that’s okay as well; just add on a brief explanation in case it’s something very localized. You have from now until 12:01AM US East Coast time, April 2nd, to submit your caption. Post it in the comments below.

Prizes? Of course! The winner will get a $25 gift card to, which aint bad considering what you can get there for twenty-five bucks, and a custom DnR wallpaper for their computer or mobile device.

So go for it. If this works out, we’ll make it a regular feature here.


7 thoughts on “Caption Contest 1!

  1. “What do you say?”
    “It’s not that you don’t look hot , honey. But I rather doubt that you’ll get the role in that Popeye remake.”

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