Air rouge! (12)

“We’ll be on the ground in about fifteen minutes,” the steward continued. “Just letting you know.”

“Thanks,” Doc said as he retrieved his magazine from the floor. The Hundred Best Shows of the Past Seventy Years screamed from the cover, with a montage of photos from the usual suspects: MASH, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy. I hope they’re all enjoying their island getaway, Doc grinned to himself.

“I bet they wont have mine,” the steward said as he retrieved some abandoned newspapers from seats across the aisle.

“Oh? What’s that?”

Three Moons Over Milford. I doubt you know it.”

“Moon splits. Town goes nuts. Mirth and mayhem ensue. Sure I know it.”

The steward sat on the arm rest, partially in shock, partially in pleased surprise. “Man, I thought Gene and I were the only ones who knew about that thing. Ex-husband comes back. Woman caught between two guys. Then they just… ended it.”

Doc laughed. “Isnt that how it usually is?”

“I guess. I guess it means I get to write my own ending for it, right? Okay, so ex-husband comes back. Current hottie boyfriend kicks him out. Chunk of moon lands on ex-husband’s head. Then we fade to black.”

“I like it.”

“Yeah, me too. Tidy. Clean. And best of all, it’s an ending I wrote,” the steward added with a grin and extended his hand. “I”m Paul, by the way.”

Doc shook it. “I know. They introduced you somewhere before I lost conciousness. François. So is this your last run for today?”

“Yeah. Long day. All I want to do is go home and cuddle up with my man and watch some really bad television. I am so over the whole stewardess thing.”


“Oh, I know. Sounds unbelievable. Job like this is the stuff of countless movies and TV shows. Glamorous. Exciting. Right? But here’s the downside: if you’re involved with someone, you’re gonna see him maybe once every three weeks. Great perqs, but it’s a lousy life. And not a whole lot of room for career advancement. I dont recommend it. Of course, I dont expect home life to be like a TV show. Actually, were it, mine’d probably be Roseanne,” he laughed.

Doc raised a cautious hand. “My guy would probably say ours was Dharma and Greg.”

“And you’re Dharma, right?”

“Of course. She gets the best lines.”

“Well, if you ever take this up, dont expect those to last long. You can only take so much bitchiness before it starts following you home. Okay, I got stuff to do before we land. Nice talking to you.” He disappeared behind the first-class curtain.


The terminal was typically bland: all white and exposed i-beams and hard, uncomfortable seating designed for much shorter waits than most visitors had to endure. His ride to the hotel wasnt due for another hour. Doc looked around the near-empty terminal and sighed. A janitor was running an obligatory mop across the floor, and a security guard was leafing through a magazine. Last chance, buster. This what you really want? He flipped open his phone and auto-dialed. “Hey, hot man.”


“Hey you!” It’d only been a few hours, but he missed that voice, dammit. “Where are you?”

“Just got in. Waiting for the Air Canada people to come get me.”

“… Okay, I know that tone,” said Raider. I cant put anything over on this guy. “What’s wrong?”

“… Ray, if I said I wanted to just forget this and come back home…”

“Well, I’d miss the free tickets, but I think we’d manage. So what brought this on?”

“A weird dream. A talk with a guy on the plane. Sitting here waiting for life to reboot, instead of being there and making it happen. I just didnt think this through, I guess. And now I’m afraid our life’s gonna get rewritten into something we might not like.”

“Was the dream a good one?”

“Be glad you werent in it… Ray, am I failing here?”

“Huh? Of course not, sweetie.”

“I’m quitting before I even get started. If that’s not failure…”

“Sweetie, if the film’s a dog, you dont stay in the audience. You get up and leave. But just ask yourself: what is it you want to do?”

“Come home. Write. Then, afterwards, cuddle up with my man. Watch some bad TV.”

“Then you’ll be pleased to know that I added Magnum PI to our Netflix queue.”

Okay, grab the signs as they’re thrown at you, Doc. “Okay. I’ll let you know when the return flight’s gonna arrive. Love you.”

“Love you too…. Hey.”


“See if they’ll let you keep the uniform. Oo baby. We can start a very exclusive chapter of the Mile High Club.”

Doc giggled. “That works for me, Captain.” He closed the phone and opened his laptop. Okay, he chided himself, let’s get this started. He called up a blank document and began to type…



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