FYI: The Names Lawsuit

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to the long-form story arcs — probably not until the 16th or so of November — so I’m deleting the work to date on the last one. We’ll start afresh with a brand new one when I have the energy and the concentration to work on those kind of monsters. Until then, it’s going to be single shots. Hope that’s okay for everyone.

3 thoughts on “FYI: The Names Lawsuit

  1. Bud, you have GOT to take care of yourself!! We’ll survive, don’t worry. And those of us that matter won’t abandon you either. You do you. I await your return once you’re back to 100%. And, should I be able to be of any help whatsoever, do NOT hesitate!

  2. And those of us that don’t matter will enjoy whatever you do. Take care. And maybe give us a double-shot or two to ease back into the long stuff. ;}

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