FYI, folks…

We’re going on haitus for a bit.

Lots of reasons for this, but the big one is that I’m going through a really rough patch physically, and it’s difficult to find the energy to get the strip done. So rather than have this thing appear sporadically, I’m going to shut it down until probably November 16 at the latest. I have a major treatment on the 11th, which is probably going to knock me on my keister for a few days, but — in theory, anyway — it’s supposed to do the bulk of what’s needed to clear this infection out. Let’s hope so.

This is not to say the boys will completely disappear online until then. I dont think they’ll let me, for one thing. So dont be surprised if you occasionally see some one shot or other showing up, where either the “author” or one of the characters does a bit of a takedown on something going on in the news. However, Eddie’s current storyline will be on hold until then.

Hang in there. We’ll be back as soon as possible.