Oh, Facebook…..

So now Facebook has decided that just linking to a site is reason for blocking you. No images, just the link. Even if the link is duly noted as NSFW, it still cannot appear on Facebook’s pristine — and increasingly conservative — pages.

For those who want to follow it, you can subscribe to the hautsexy stuff as Haut Times by going to docandraiderhauttimes period wordpress period com.

Amazing, isnt it, that in 2019, we have to resort to this kind of subterfuge…

5 thoughts on “Oh, Facebook…..

  1. What a crock! I just read that Zuck is making the rounds of conservative and RW religious folks to garner favor. Possibly as a requirement is that FB has to become more “family friendly”. A$$hole

  2. Um … doesn’t WordPress *also* object to anyone putting Haut Times type content on their domains? (the actual WordPress domains, I mean.)

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