The Girl! (17)

I dont know what the proper term would be for someone like Frank — pansexual, I suppose, since his sense of attraction goes beyond just men and women… or at least as much as he’s finally able to admit to. And I suppose that going into this thing with Dave may seem like just trading one closet for another, but I dont think that’s the case. Both he and Dave have some exploring to do, about themselves and each other, so we’ll be checking back in on them from time to time.

Thanks for joining me on this. As usual, things went somewhere I hadnt quite planned, but hopefully you enjoyed it nevertheless. We’ll be doing a bit of one-shots on the Posts page for a while, then… who knows…

2 thoughts on “The Girl! (17)

  1. I find that my characters can take a story in a different direction to what I had planned, too.

    As for sexual desire and attraction, it’s much much more complicated than the conventional pattern is supposed to be. Lots and lots of us are potentially capable of desiring and loving people of both genders, but society has a standard which is implicitly and explicitly accepted as the “norm”. I remember once seeing a young man on the train with short brown hair, wearing jeans,a checked shirt and boots. He was intensely attractive. Halfway through the journey, I realised he was a she. Did it make her any less attractive? And, if so, why? I think we constrain ourselves because of societal expectations, expectations which we’ve internalised, but which are no more “rational” or necessary than starting a meal with soup and ending it with cheese and biscuits. I know a couple where two blokes, both married, frequently spend the weekend together,with the knowledge and consent of their wives. The one is “bisexual’, but the other considers himself straight. The only man he finds desirable is this one. No one looking at either of them would guess that they are gay shaded.

    In the end, perhaps the labels constrain us more than they free us?

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