Banned Books Week! (5)

So to wrap up Banned Books Week 2018 here at Doc and Raider, we suggest you look for these special, vastly improved, family-friendly editions of these remarkable works. They’re all guaranteed to be safe from… well, almost anything, I suppose.

Now, on the other side of things, we give you two books certainly to be put on the Banned List in coming months (courtesy the writers at

From the author’s description: “Clara suffered from being terminally and deliberately unusual. She discovered a penchant for delving deep, and rather enjoyed her strangeness. When her best friend in first year high school decided to go Vegetarian, Clara went full out Vegan. Clara’s mother hits the roof and goes ballistic alienating her even more than previously from her daughter.

On her thirteenth birthday Clara’s mother decides to have “the talk” with her and tell Clara about the birds, the bees, and the fact that Clara is a vampyre. Suddenly Clara’s life makes sense and she forges a bond with her mother and together they learn the joys of cross-generation friendship, love, trust and obedience.”

… and banned just out of bad taste…

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