World AIDS Day

Where I am, it’s the middle of the afternoon, which means WAD is pretty well over.

I havent seen much this year in the way of memorial graphics or reminders to use safe sex or anything else along those lines. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that’s a signal that folks have finally gotten the message. Or maybe it’s not such a good thing. Maybe folks figure that as long as they take their daily PReP, they dont need to worry anymore. Maybe they, like the generation before them, think it’s an “old fag’s disease”.

And now the US is getting in a new government (not that different from the old government, in many respects) that no doubt sees AIDS as a way of solving some of its own long-standing problems, like taking away LGBT equality and promoting “religious freedom”. Maybe they figure that this is a quick and easy way to let the matter die out… literally. Reagan certainly thought so, and we know how much the GOP worships him. So here’s yet another golden opportunity handed to Congress to really push that agenda you know they so desperately love.

I wish this was a more hopeful message. But somehow hope is in short supply these days.

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