OK, soapbox time…

Look, as a Canadian, I dont have a whole lot in this election. Your country, your rules, as it were. But gotta tell you… seeing the ongoing, massive amount of fraud perpetrated by the GOP makes me wonder… just WTLF is wrong with you people? Can you not elect someone based on that person’s merits and that person’s plans for the future? Is resorting to lies and fraud the only way to get elected?

I have been watching this nonsense for almost two years now, with the primaries that never seem to end and the campaign that followed. And frankly, you people are nuts. Big time nuts. You allowed your parties — all of them, by the way — to trot out a slate of potential candidates that were… well, I would say scraping the bottom of the barrel, but somehow most of these were like looking under the topsoil the barrel was sitting on.

And yeah, God told five or six of them to run. Great kidder, God, because what He didnt tell them was that was no guarantee any of them were going to win — and of course none of them did… which should have been a great big red flag the size of a freaking football field that maybe something was just a tad amiss here?

And so now we have FBI agents colluding with the GOP to manufacture evidence that says Clinton is some kind of terrible person to be running.



I repeat, WTLF is wrong with you people?

Get your freaking acts together, huh?

4 thoughts on “OK, soapbox time…

  1. At least you don’t have to live here! So just give it 4 more days.
    And I won’t say anything about Mayor Ford or PM Harper, etc. There’s lots of assholes under the rocks globally. We’re just better at publicity about ours?

  2. True, every country has its share. But face it: yours wield a far more powerful advantage. Harper may have been a walking idiot, but any damage he might do was kept safely within our border. One of your guys goes cra-cra, and it takes a UN resolution — one the US usually blissfully ignores — to somehow start to deal with it.

    And let us not forget that we have the most porous border on the planet. Any acts of violence that emerge as a result of this election could easily spill over onto Canadian territory. If indeed that happens, one has to ask: just what will the Greatest County on the Planet (TM) do about it?

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