The Wedding of the Year!

There are a number of in-jokes here, so let me sort some of them out for non-Poser users.

When LH was first released, the mesh used the same geometry file as LF (One wag referred to LH as the “first transgender character in Poser history”), and — since LH was just a morph of LF — you had to not only buy the full LH package for thirty bucks but also the full LF one for an additional thirty bucks: sixty dollars for an impulse purchase pretty much made this DOA. There was a stripped-down (so to speak) version released with the software, but LH was released missing… well, you know… that stuff down there (Cue the references to Buck Angel). You could, of course, buy any other penis prop out there and parent it to the body, but they were all waaaaay out of scale because they were… uhm… intended for other uses, none of which I can really talk about here. LOL “But he can wear all of LF’s clothes!” was the marketing response, which of course engendered even more howls of derision.

Finally, saner heads prevailed. LH was given his own reworked geometry file, which was better but still didnt address a few key issues — nevertheless, he was now “his own man”… so the marketing people decided to play off this and hold a “virtual wedding” of two character meshes who still looked enough alike to be… well, really close, if ya get my drift, to sell more stuff for LH that would finally break him out of a clothing line that was pretty much just jeans and t-shirts. I dont know how often he’ll be in that tux, but it’s a decent alternative. Still, by comparison, LF has a ton of clothing options, because that’s what sells in the 3D universe.

“Dusk” is another attempt at a male character mesh being pushed by another web site. It’s a well-made mesh, but — as is the case with most male characters — it never quite caught the imagination of the user base, which is kind of a pity. “Apollo” is another one, released many years ago and still considered by some as the gold standard because of all the work that went into its creation, and it all shows.

So… will this romance last? Curious minds may not want to know…