Little Cabin in the Woods (23)

We’re gonna discretely draw away at this point and let Red have his moment alone with Curly. I just want to add that, while we should applaud the efforts of our first responders, we cant forget the loved ones they have at home: husbands, wives, partners of all stripes, who’re making just as much a sacrifice during this horrendous moment in our country’s history. They have no idea if the people on the other end of that phone line are even going to be able to come home at night — and that applies to everyone out there whose job is now of vast importance: not only hospital workers and care givers and doctors, but gas station attendants and grocery clerks and pharmacists and all the other legion of people who now are far more important than any “celebrity” could ever be. These are the little people we casually dismiss on a daily basis — and yet now, without them, we’re pretty much nothing and left to fend for ourselves… and we know how well that generally works out, right?

So let them know how much you appreciate the value they bring to this moment. And then let them know how much you appreciate the families sitting at home waiting for them.

OK, something new tomorrow, and right now, I have no idea what it’s going to be. But a change in tone is definitely in order, so expect… well, anything. And thanks, all of you, for your kind comments during this difficult storyline. They told me I was on the right track with it, and I appreciate that more than I can say. Hugs to you all, and stay safe out there.

2 thoughts on “Little Cabin in the Woods (23)

  1. your stories no matter the topic/ subject always makes me stop and see something from a different pint of view , thank you so very much !

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