5 thoughts on “250

  1. Mostly, the debates didn’t deal with it because there is, quite literally, not one damn thing the president can do about it. At best, they can direct their Department of Justice to sue the states on the grounds that those laws are unconstitutional; at the Supreme Court level (and possibly lower), they would almost certainly have those lawsuits dismissed for lack of standing.(The federal government isn’t directly affected by any of them. A lawsuit would need to be brought by a resident of the states, and they have been and will be … and at the current time, they will likely fail when they reach the Supreme Court level, thanks to the two most recent appointments.)

    There’s basically only one set of the various actions that have been enacted that a new president would be about to do anything about; they can remove the restriction that Agent Orange put on trans people in the military, and they can restore the Obama-era guidance regarding trans students for the Department of Education. And that’s really about all they can do. And it’s pretty much assumed that they will,so they don’t talk about it.

    • These days, I dont think we can assume much of anything about anyone running for office, so there’s that. But as for them not mentioning anything because there’s not much they can do about it… sorry, they need to set a tone, not stand there mute like innocent victims.

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