Elliot’s Next Film — CONTEST!

So it’s time for Elliot’s annual tentpole blockbuster film — and this year YOU are gonna decide the subject matter!

That’s right, aspiring writer/screenwriter! You twelve readers have the opportunity this year to tell Doc what he’s writing for this. And yes, it’s going to be a musical. But what musical? That’s up to YOU! So between now and next Sunday 4 August 2019, I want you to post in the comments below what you’d like to see adapted over for this filmmaking endeavour.

Now… a few rules…

(1) This cannot be an existing musical, for two reasons. First, it’d be a copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen, and second, what fun is that? It has to be something that’s not been musicalized before in any big time way (Yes, there’s a musical based on just about everything out there, and we all know that, but…), so that does leave things wide open.

(2) No sci-fi/superhero/comic book adaptations. We’ve done that for three years. Time to move on.

(3) Please, no epics. Rather, something I can spin out inside six weeks’ time of daily postings. If it leaves itself open for a sequel next year, that’s always a possibility.

(4) All other genres are fair game, but bear in mind that Doc has a way of mangling the material — so if you suggest, for example, MOBY DICK, it may not have anything whatsoever to do with whaling. Just letting you know in advance. We’ll keep to the basic framework of the story, whatever it might be, but as always the Devil resides in the details.

Prizes? You betcha! Along with your name in the credits for “suggested by an idea from __________________”, you’ll also get a cameo appearance somewhere in the production. This could be your Big Break in Film Musical Webcomics, people!

So let’s see whatcha got. You know our boys are ready for just about anything you can throw at them. Deadline: 4 August 2019!

12 thoughts on “Elliot’s Next Film — CONTEST!

  1. A musical based on the 22 cards of the tarot major arcana. The most popular paradigm is Rider/ Waite/ Smith – the original artwork seems clearly to be public domain (based on the number of new decks published) and card titles definitely are.
    The 22 cards break well into 3 acts. Deep philosophical concepts, cards with mysterious names and costumes worthy of Bollywood.

  2. how about a musical version of “Boys in the Band”? it’s a combination of humor and drama, and an all-male cast. at least one song would have to be about dreaming of a ‘future’ time when we can be out of the closet, and maybe even get married, etc. it takes place in 1968.

  3. eezy peezy, all us 12 readers want to see a musical based on the mythical life and times of the author of the longest running queer comic IN THE WORLD, Sean Stephane Martin!

    • Actually, a couple of years ago I did a parody of these “Live Broadway” TV specials called “Brokeback Beach”. LOL As usual, the story took a hard right turn about halfway through into something a lot darker, but it was fun to write.

  4. How about a musical updating of African Queen. I see all sorts of possibilities for musical interludes and arias. Imagine the scene where Bogart is pulling the boat through the bug infested swamp and then breaking out in song. Or the final scene where they’re about to be killed and them singing a final romantic song to each other.

    And don’t forget the whole twist on the term queen… I think it’s ripe for a musical rebuild.

  5. My first thought was a musical version of “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” but then I remembered that was already done for real. I’d still love to see the the DnR version, though. I’d say “Hamlet,” but I recall an episode of Gilligan’s Island (seriously) in which they put on a pretty funny musical version of the only play they had a copy of. “Macbeth” hasn’t been done, as far as I know.

    How about an adaptation of “Carmen?” Maybe update it and call it “Car Men?” With a hot racing driver instead of a matador? Raider would be perfect for the part. Set it on the NASCAR circuit!

    • Matthew Bourne, the British choreographer best known for his all-male Swan Lake, did a modern ballet version of Carmen actually called “Car Men”. It’s not bad, all things considered. But NASCAR… hmm………

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