A chat with Louis (8)

Those who follow the strip know that it moves in real time, meaning that RF and Jér are now about twelve years old, and puberty is starting to kick in a bit. Now the boys are going to be dealing with some slightly adult issues, and, even though that wasnt the intent of this particular storyline, it’s wandered over into that direction a bit. And as usual, I’m letting the characters set the pace and direction of things.

Dont worry: we’re not going to see things we’re not supposed to. I dont think either of them is quite ready for *that* yet, even though you can tell the idea is vaguely taking hold… a little.

And yes, I could just have them running to the internet to find out… but for the purposes of storytelling, they wont be. After all, this strip is a bit of a fantasy, right? 🙂