Yes, I know.

The current storyline is dealing in part with a difficult subject, but not one anyone should find that surprising: after all, we’re looking three decades into the future here of a comic that more or less travels in real time. Still, some of you have been very pointed in your messages about “WHY ARE YOU KILLING EDDIE OFF?” I’m not, dear reader. It’s just one of those inevitabilities we dont like to think about — and in this case, a man who originally was considered “the character we love to hate” and has transformed over the years into a dark, troubled personality with a heart of solid gold coated with a patina of brass.

I think this is why I enjoy writing this comic so much: I get the opportunity to build these richly complex characters over time. Almost everyone here has had at least one incredibly long character arc that has allowed them to grow and sometimes even develop as a human being. And storylines like this give us glimpses of what will happen in the distant future. Eddie of course will continue on as a character in the series, and even this storyline, the way it’s shaping up, will provide a bit of insight into the person he was, as well as the person he has yet to become. What *that* means, I have no idea just yet… but it should be fun finding out…