Happyish New Year!

Well, it looks like we’re closing out 2018 with just all kinds of issues, both here and abroad. Hopefully, 2019 will see us dealing with them a little more smartly, but given history, I dont think I can safely say that’s likely. Still, who knows… the world has managed to surprise me in the past. Let’s hope this is one more instance of that happening.

2018 was, in many respects however, a banner year for Doc and Raider. A record-setting, whopping 625 episodes and/or appearances were created this year, mostly due to the parallel storylines that ran concurrently in the Posts and Comics sections of this site. Sometimes they complemented each other. Sometimes they didnt. Oftentimes they ran waaaaaaaay longer than originally planned — which is pretty much the case for all the storylines these days. But we looked at — among other things — Raymond-François and Jérôme running away, Raider pulling a not-so-mean little trick on Doc for Valentine’s, Eddie and André’s shopping trip (in which André seemed determined to throwing away thousands of euros on Gordon Ramsey costumes), Grady and Jean-Phillipe tempted by JP’s terminally hot cousin Jules, Doc writing a Make-Your-Own-Adventure screenplay for a LGBTQ film festival entry, Aiko meeting his pre-transition self, Doc’s drunken interview with a Member of Parliament, Dave finding love in a straight guy (and the straight guy returning the favour), Canada drilling an oil pipeline through Doc and Ray’s 15th story condo, Connor’s possible tryst with a pre-president Donald Trump, a retro LGBTQ Pride musical, a somewhat poignant story about the caretaker living in Doc and Gilles’ winter cabin, the concluding film in the Ferro Trilogy (or is it?), Raymond-François and Jérôme realizing they have more than just a cute friendship, Doc’s efforts for the 2018 Banned Books Week, André’s elderly aunt running off and getting married, Doc and Raid celebrating their anniversary in a most unusual way (with lots of ice packs involved), Grady and Jean-Phillipe sharing a pretty gosh darn magical night in Montréal at Christmastime, Doc and Ray getting an advance look at the real Hell that awaits all LGBTQ folk, the current and in-progress storyline in which we find out just how much Doc and Ray were meant to be together… not to mention the scores of single-panels, both here and on the x-rated Haut Times page.

Whew! I could use a quick lie-down!

I had all manner of plans for the boys in 2018 that were never realized, so I guess that means I have my work cut out for me in 2019. But I hope it’s all been worth it to you, Dear Readers. I had originally planned to stop the comic at 5,000 entries… but we’re not going to be doing that. We’re gonna keep exploring this crew for a while longer and see what stories they foist on us in the coming year. And I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

OK, some new: I’ll be in Detroit later this month for ConFusion, heading up a panel on “Beyond the Boilerplate”. I’m also going to be part of a comics anthology to be published in the spring on gay men and body issues. There are four more anthologies of the cartoon in preparation, and this summer — with luck — we might see the first animated Doc and Raider film since 2010. Long overdue, wouldnt you say? 🙂 And we’re currently at 4,952, for those keeping score.

So here’s to 2018 finally over… thank God. And maybe those lower expectations are good for personal safety, if nothing else. See you all next year!

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