And now we wait…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Contest 5000!

Now, something important to mention, as I got a note about this last night. No, I am not going to be contouring the schedule to favour one entry or another. You’re going to have to take me on faith on that one, but right now I’ve put all the entries in a folder and setting it aside. Cartoons and images will get posted as they get posted, and we’re going to find out together when that magic number 5K is hit.

Someone else mentioned in passing that the storylines are getting longer — yeah, they are. The current one will be relatively short (relatively, anyway), but they have been running a bit long. The strip is moving away from single-page gag sets, which were usually political commentary in basis, and towards something more like short stories. Sometimes little morality plays, sometimes just exploring aspects of the characters we’ve not really discussed all that much here. I’m letting the characters run slightly amok for the moment. Hope you enjoy.

Some news… there’s a couple of new anthologies coming out in the next week, just in time for — you know — That Holiday. I’ll also be doing the annual run of print-and-fold Christmas cards for those so inclined. And… remember some time ago when I talked about taking these guys into animation? Watch this space after the New Year… this is gonna be fun. I hope. 🙂

And thanks, as always, for being a great bunch of readers.

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