OK, readers, talk to me.

Curiosity time. The strip’s main characters are moving in a slightly different direction now, and I’m treading this one pretty carefully, because I know some long-time readers might not quite approve of what’s going on. What’s your take on the boys’ very slightly opening up the relationship? I dont intend this to be a permanent feature, by the way, but it seemed important to this particular storyline. So? Your thoughts on this?

9 thoughts on “OK, readers, talk to me.

  1. You know, there is so much instability all around. I enjoyed that one thing was unshakeable, the relationship of Doc and Raider. But this is a cartoon, not a fairy tale. LOL And I’ll get over it.
    You are the writer here, I am your fan and therefore will go with you and the boys where ever you choose to take us.

  2. Sean:As you know, I’ve been following the boys for a number of years.  They’ve been through a lot.  Quite a lot.  I love ’em both dearly.  But for all the adversarial things they’ve been through, they’ve always known they’ve had each other’s back.  I think their love is bigger than sex.  I think every couple, sooner or later, experiments with things in and out of the bedroom.  I mean who hasn’t gotten shagged on the dining room table!?  But I digress.  It may be scary fun for them and let them examine how deep their love for each other really is.I read the strip every morning with my tea.  My morning isn’t complete without it.  Keep up the good work!  Love you!-Sandy

  3. This is a subject that must come up in every relationship at some time. How the boys decide to deal with it is their personal choice and the results will have to be dealt with in the future. In other words this might steer things on a different path depending on their decision. Is there a right or wrong? I dunno. I only know what hubby and I decided.

  4. I think showing a relationship which is indeed committed and unshakeable, and which has a level of openness within specific limits, would be awesome.

  5. You should take the story where you feel it needs to go, Sean. For the record, my husband’s and my relationship was open from the get-go and we’ll be celebrating our 40th anniversary together next year. In our view, the glue that holds a long-term relationship together is mutual honesty and sensitivity to each other’s feelings, and it looks like Doc and Raider aren’t sacrificing any of that.

  6. Your Comic strip, your choice. Characters sometimes take tangents and the storyline shifts a bit.

    Dan Savage has discussed this at times. It is not that the guys will necessarily shift to something more open. This may test boundaries, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is finding a whole new world.

    Is there a potential for someone to cry “battered spouse”?
    Are there sero-status issues? Is this just finding out that their fetish is not as isolating as everyone might have thought, which in and of itself can be liberating?

    There is also the potential empty nest issue approaching.

    Your wonderfully twisted mind and these characters will find their way. That way may not end up in the same place but the challenges of the journey make the story infinitely more enjoyable to follow

  7. As for my own 2 cents, I agree with the majority of the sentiments here… your strip, your call, and I’ll keep reading no matter what. My husband and I had a sexual relationship with a younger man that became so much more that the sex stopped because we became too close. We ended up being parental surrogates. And that’s OK. We raised him right and he’s become an outstanding young man.

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