That Time of Year! (12)

This is definitely running longer than I planned and in a much different direction. But at the same time, I got curious about what would happen if people into the same thing as my guys were suddenly given permission to go wild with it with someone else? Especially this kind of thing, which, let’s face it, is a little off the charts for most people.

I have to admit, I find it a little odd that gay male culture can see nothing wrong with imagery of moderately intense B&D or even S&M. Face it: we love looking at scenes of bondage and other hardcore leather activities. But something like what Doc and Ray are into, folks will find “weird”… and that’s cool. Still, that leaves open the question of what happens when suddenly you’re in an environment where you have complete and utter permission and no one thinks it’s weird. I can imagine the emotional floodgates, once locked, suddenly opening wide. Red’s reaction here is not that unusual for fetish people breaking free for the first time. I guess the question now is, what about Doc and Ray?

I guess we’ll find out together.

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