Land of Confusion! (15)

… and we’ll leave the kids to think about rules and stuff over their ice cream. For those just joining us, getting Elliot and Gilles together was a bit of an adventure, since Ellie lived in the US at the time and Gilles was indeed a Catholic priest. But sometimes Love does indeed win out, which is always nice to see, eh?

We’re going to continue using the Post section of the site for one-shots and smaller stories while Ferro 3 wends its massive way forward. And be advised that the strip will be on hiatus from 20-23 September.

3 thoughts on “Land of Confusion! (15)

  1. Me, again . . . you forgot the ‘go’ to dinner (unless ‘shall we to dinner’ is a Canadian idiom I don’t know, in which case, my apologies for being so pedantic).

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