Iron Writer!!

So… over at my favourite writers’ website, Pan Historia, Raider’s been challenged to an all-graphics version of the infamous Iron Writer competition.

Now, let me explain. Iron Writer is based on the old TV show Iron Chef, save that in our version you’re given a topic and you have to write five separate pieces all based on that same topic within a 24-hour period. I’ve done it three times, and it’s a blast… but this time, being an all-graphics version (meaning comic strips and the like), it’s going to be a bit tougher to make it on time and still turn out the quality. The date hasnt been set, but somewhere around May 15th, I think, is when we’ll begin. I’ll certainly let you know more details as they come along.

And you’re invited to come along and watch, even cheer for your favourite contestant. Pan is a very cool place, and a lot of fun. And this should be…. interesting…….

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