Much as I hate to admit it…

… Christmas is coming.


But, Dear Readers, with the season coming, I’m also working up this year’s set of Doc and Raider Christmas cards ā€” you just download the image, print it, write a message on the inside, and shove it under your significant other’s nose. I mean, what could be easier, right? I’ll be posting them this coming weekend, so if there’s something in particular you think might make a fun little image (PG, folks, please), let me know in the comments below. I may also do DnR gift package tags: those were a bit of a hit a few years back, so why not.

I’m also working up a little mini cookbook pdf for your Christmas dinner assistance. It’ll have everything you need: grocery list, game plan of execution, what to do with the leftovers. It’ll be designed for four to six, so scale up or down as you need to. Look for it sometime in early December.

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