Just FYI

We’re about fifty online appearances away from 4,000. That’s including the x-rated-but-still-funny panels that can only be seen at the Secret Page on Face Book but not the Canada 150 Road Trip.

Four thousand.

I dont know of any LGBT strip with that longevity. Or many other mainstream strips, for that matter. Peanuts, sure. Bloom County. Calvin and Hobbes. On the Canadian side of things, For Better or For Worse, which racked up over 9,000 before Lynn hung up her pen. As far as I know, it’s the only Canadian strip that has a longer track record than Doc and Raider.

It’s a bit overwhelming to think about: literally hundreds of stories — everything from coming out to one’s parents to right wingers living in the hall closet to alien abduction to even a Broadway musical based on FIGHT CLUB. In addition to my core cast of nine, scores of characters have strolled through here, some memorable, some not (and for good reason, I suppose). The strip changed focus a few times — moving from essentially political and topical humour to more intimate, personal stories… even when they got a little weird along the way. But if nothing else, I’ve always tried to make it at least entertaining for the brief time you folks spend with it every day.

I’m not sure what will happen when we reach that landmark. The strip will no doubt continue on, but… Well, who knows. In the interim, thank you all for reading it. Without you, my boys are nothing.

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