The Age of Trump

I’m sure this is a moment every cartoonist on the planet must be facing: what to do about the Donald…

For my part, I’m not doing anything, and here’s why: I dont want to contribute one single thing that will inflate this man’s sense of his already enormously misguided ego by even a single millimeter. Right now, he has to be loving all the attention — good and bad — he’s getting from everyone: cartoonists, political junkies, even retail now. Even if it’s vicious and scathing, he has to be loving it, because it’s all about him.

And that’s all that matters to him.

Well, it’s not like he’ll care much about this corner of the Infinite Internet, but for me, it’s a matter of personal principle. I’ve already given him more than he merited. Today that ends. There are plenty of cartoonists out there who will give this… person… what he feels he deserves.

Sorry, not me. I’ve moved on from this lunatic and his merry band of fellow inmates at the White House Asylum. The next time I’ll bother is when he’s tossed out on his wide keister. And that day cannot come too quickly.

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