Just about everyone in the DnR universe is happily coupled off, so it felt like it was time to introduce someone who hasnt quite grasped the concept yet. 🙂 So… this is Connor (and many thanks to David for christening him), a nice Irish-American who lives in South Beach when he’s not tramping around elsewhere. He’s going to get a proper intro in the comic strip later this month, but here’s how he’s testing out. Hopefully you approve. 🙂


And we’ll also be giving Grady and Jean-Phillipe a proper intro as well. Grady, if you remember, is Ray’s co-worker on the job site; Jean-Phillipe is the photographer Grady picked up on the bus. It took them six months to getting around to hitting the sheets, and they’ve been making up for lost time. But as with all relationships, some small cracks are starting to appear.

Also happening this year: Eddie and André will finally make it official, the thruple is gonna hit a bit of a rough spot, and little Raymond gets real curious about these games he always hears Elliot and Gilles talking about. Meanwhile, Doc and Ray are off on the Canada 150 road trip, but they’re gonna be dealing with some stuff back home as well, involving a certain Prime Minister and his sunny, sunny ways. It’s Canada’s year, remember, so the focus is moving back to the homeland. Hope you approve.

And thanks again for being such great readers.

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