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Banned Books Week! (5)

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It is sometimes hard to believe that right now, in 2015, people actually believe that books like Huckleberry Finn and Charlotte’s Web are so insidious that one must be wary of their possible impact on fragile little minds. It is dragging people down to mindless fear and paranoia, and it really, really has to stop.

So the next time some SJW tromps up to you and demands that such and such a book be removed from library shelves “for the protection of the children”, happily respond by telling him or her that if it’s removed, you’ll joyously buy the library a half dozen more copies to replace it. We have been living in self-imposed ignorance for far too long. It’s about time we brought back a little light and celebrate knowledge and information for what it truly is: the means by which we become better people. Otherwise, we really do doom ourselves to turning films like “Idiocracy” into documentaries, not satires.

OK, we’ll be tap dancing here a bit as we move on to whatever the next storyline will be, so expect a few one-shots, maybe a few single panels, then we’ll barrel into something. Thank you once again, all my twelve readers, for being such great fans.


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Public Day of Affection 2015!

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So go out there and splatter the social media universe with as many images as you have of LGBT couples, if for no other reason than the simple fact that you can. :-)


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