Celebrate! (5)

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The strip really started stretching its muscles in 2009. Yes, we still had the single-panels that had been its hallmark, but now we also saw the first steps in what were to become multi-year story archs. This was the year we introduced Obama into the cast, Elliot hooked up with Gilles, Raider was gay-bashed in an alley, Kai went off to Afghanistan, and Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman kissed. But this was only the start of many, many things to come…


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That’s the boys from one of the earliest webcomic panels, from — as noted — 2006. Bit of a difference, huh…

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celebrate 2

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A little night off…

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We’re giving the boys a night off, because there’s something VERY BIG happening over the next few days. And while you wait for that, feel free to get down…

night off

… with music by DJ Kyree:

Go! Fund Me! (3)

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And that, my friends, is how you fund raise…..