The Abduction of Edward Bartholomew (17)


As some of you know, back in the Dark Ages from which there are few if any records, I used to be a Catholic priest. I went into it with a strong sense of vocation, and I left, like so many others, disillusioned and slightly embittered over the whole thing. I still believe, but more and more I am of the opinion that God’s decided we were just a failed experiment, and He’s moved on to Creation 2.0.

I look at the jihadists on one side of the world and the extreme fundamentalists on the other — and sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to tell them apart, particularly when it comes to issues like those pesky, annoying, sinful gay people. All of a sudden, now that we seem on the verge of full rights across North America and Europe, these “God fearing” opportunists have turned us into a political and power-raising football. On the one side of the world, they’re literally killing us because, as they claim, God told them to. On the other, they’re trying to politically kill us, by playing on the increasingly sharp divide separating the Left and the Right, all for their personal benefit… and all because, as they claim, God told them to.

Are people on both sides of this truly that stupid? Do they think God is so impotent that, rather than smiting on a one-to-one basis like He used to, God has to have these fanatical morons to do His dirty work for Him? Right.

And of course the comparison doesnt stop there. The “leaders” of groups like Isis and the Taliban never really get their own hands dirty, do they. Someone else has to be the suicide bomber for the glory of Islam — and the “leaders” who want to turn the US into a Christian theocracy are more than happy to have the politicians build it for them… and both of these groups of “leaders” are more than happy to sit back, spew their hateful dognma, and bask in the money and power that inevitably comes their way because people are too damn stupid to see what’s going on.

Ya know, this is just one little blog out there in the great big Netverse. I know not many people will see this, let alone read it all the way through. But I hope it inspires at least some of you to do some serious finger pointing at the people who are trying to trainwreck our lives — on both sides of the globe — and call them out for the opportunistic vultures they truly are. Whether or not you believe in God is irrelevant. This is about believing in Mankind.


All right, some filler tomorrow. Then Thursday… something really big in the history of this strip. I hope you like it. And as always, thank you for being such great readers.