Doc and Raider’s Moron of the Week for 19 October 2014


As part of the new DnR, we’re instituting a new series called “Moron of the Week”, in which we will shake our heads in bewilderment at a WTF moment in the news. This particular week, being so close to an election in the US, is of course replete to overflowing, but one truly stands out. So without further adieu, the first Moron of the Week Prize goes to:

THE ENTIRE CONGREGATION OF BEREAN BAPTIST CHURCH IN WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA! Congratulations! And what did they do to merit this honour, you ask?

They have a “preacher” there — and I use the term ever so loosely — who said, amoung other things, that Ebola is God’s punishment for gay marriage. Now, sure, nothing new there, right? “Men of God” have claimed this inside skinny for decades, ever since AIDS was God’s punishment for something and then Katrina was God’s punishment for something else and then… well, you get the idea, right? He was pretty choice about it too. According to a news report:

Baity spoke of hearing an official bless a gay marriage, something he claimed was a direct violation of the Bible.

“If you think for one skinny minute, God is going to stand idly by and allow this to go forward without repercussions, you better back up and rethink this situation,” Baity said in remarks transcribed by Raw Story. “I want you to understand, that is raw, pure blasphemy.”

Now, we here in Canada of course know better. If God punished us for gay marriage (which was made legal over a decade ago), it seems He did by inflicting Stephen Harper on us… but that’s more a penance than a punishment, when you think about it. Aside from that, He seems to think completely otherwise about the Great White North: clean air, clean water, lots of gorgeous land… oh, and gay marriage as well. Hmm…

So why’re Baity and his ilk up to this? Hey, mansions dont come cheap, ya know. Nor do the buildings needed for super-size-me churches… not to mention all that expensive TV production and the necessary private jets and… well, again, you get the idea. Face it: Elmer Gantry was an amateur compared to these guys.

As such, here’s to the congregation of Berean Baptist Church, which is collectively apparently too stupid to know when their wallets are being filched “in the name of the Holy Spirit” by someone who figured out a long time ago that people love love love having their worst fears confirmed.

This way to see the amazing egress, folks! You’ll never see anything like it again!

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