Moron of the Week!


Yes, it’s been a while since we did one of these, but every now and then, you see one so breathtaking that…

Okay, the back story. A 15 year old boy in Vancouver, BC, came out as gay and decided to tell his faamily. You can read what happened here, but the short form is that Dad got a little upset. No, let’s rewrite that, a lot upset. Went onto social media and railed against his son — “You have shamed me! Get out!”, not to mention a few things that suggested more than a little violent possibilities should the kid return home. Thank the Lord, social media has allowed us to expose this kind of short-bus thinking for what it is… but that’s not where the story gets interesting, not to me anyway.

If you read the comments, you’ll find the usual “being gay is a choice, it’s morally wrong, it’s an insult to God” blah blah blah. And those small-minded little windbags are being met with a literal tsunami of jeers, laughter, and moral outrage, the likes of which still astound me. I mean, I’ve been around for a long time, folks, and I’m still in awe at that we accomplish when we’re rightfully, royally pissed off.

We are so not willing to stand by and see our friends and fellow LGBT folk treated like disposable Handi-Wipes for the “faith-based”. We are becoming far more strident in our condemnation of those who run to hide behind God’s robes as they themselves quake in fear at what they know is coming to them. But that doesnt stop them all the way, not yet anyway. You still find folks who think LGBT are anathema, just like, after untold centuries of evidence to the contrary, one can still find “morally straight people” who think blacks and women are somehow lesser beings who deserve the shorter end of the societal stick. I gather the only reason for that is the misguided beief that someone, somewhere, has to be under society’s collective thumb so we can have someone to feel “better than!”

But you know all this, right? So let’s get down to the “facts” presented in those comments to prove this is all just some conscious choice on our parts so we can get “special rights” for ourselves. Everyone ready?

— We’re a “fashionable trend”, just like it was to be a hippy in the 1960s.

— When we were young (or so the theory goes), we experimented sexually, then decided to be gay and came out.

— We’re the victims of a perverse culture that glorifies death and destruction, since, you know, being gay is a dead end when it comes to continuing the species.

— We cite all these “facts” that “prove” we’re right, when in fact they’re just a bunch of hooey, and we know they’re hooey, but we cite them anyway because that gives us cred.

— We’ll claim our actions are perfectly normal and found throughout history and nature, but we secretly know that’s not true. But we just figure that if we yell it loud enough, everyone will realize we’re right.

There are others, but let’s just look at these for the moment, okay?

Do they… uhm… remind you of anything in current popular culture? Something that routinely says it’s under attack and that, increasingly, is demanding (in the US anyway) protection from the bullies who would assault it in the hallway and shake it down for its lunch money?

I’m no authority on such things, but last time I checked, when a baby was born, it’s not born “Christian”. That’s a conscious choice.

And maybe they’ve all been out there long before the internet gave them the spotlight, but all this right-wing religious extremism sure feels like a definite trend.

And we are talking about a bunch whose approach to any problem is, essentially, to kill it, like the lawyer in California who wants a petition on the ballot in the next general election that will make it perfectly legal to execute homosexuals.

And dang me, but I cannot remember a single time when I say a herd of deer gathered around the mounted rack of antlers in worshipful silence. That seems to be something uniquely… uhm… human.

And these so very well meaning “Christians” are now saying their “Cristian lifestyle” (their words, my friends), something which is a conscious choice on their part, is now under attack from evil forces and therefore must be given special rights to protect themselves.

Is anyone sensing the same disconnect here that I am? I mean, if these “uber Christians” are so worried about their fate, then — by their own logic — the solution should be clear. STOP BEING A CHRISTIAN AND MAYBE PEOPLE WONT DISLIKE YOU QUITE SO MUCH.

Now, please note: I’m not calling out all Christians here. I happen to be one myself and am quite content with my relationship with the Higher Power. No, this focuses on those brain-dead idiots who think God is apparently so impotent that they have to rescue Him… and they’ll cut down (sometimes literally) anyone who dares say them nay. And the real pity here? You have a bunch of “political leaders” who seem to buy into this utter lunacy, at least enough to get themselves elected to office and then stay there for a few terms till they can collect a cushy pension. But that’s another story for another time…

Maybe it’s time we started asking these “Christians” just who’s looking for special treatment here. Somehow, as Morons of the Week, I doubt they’ll see the Perfectly Obvious.

Back to the cartoon later today.