The Packages of Autumn!

good mood

“You’re in a singularly good mood today.”

“Why shouldnt I be? The air is crisp; the leaves are too many colours to count; and I have a hot man by my side. Should I ask for anything more?”

“I suppose not, but why today?”

“Why not? C’mon, Doc: it’s autumn — the year’s mid-life crisis, when the world (or at least the northern part of it anyway) wants to get down and par-tay! I mean, look at this! You seen anything this gorgeous before?”

“This time last year.”

“And that, my love, is my point! Unlike things like… oh, I dont know… Mik’s birthday which can come at any time without warning… this only happens once a year, and we should revel in its arrival.”

“And how would you like to do that?”

“With madcap merriment! With good food served to good friends! With presents! Why, I should give you a present right now! A great big package! One that you can unwrap in anticipation of the joy to come!”

“I”m down with that.”

“We’ll start a tradition! Hallmark will love us! And what would milord desire from his humble companion in waiting? All he needs do is ask, and the deed is done!”

“Oh, I know what I want.”


“Just lean against this tree… like so. Good. Now stand there for a moment, right there on those leaves. That’s it. Now, if you’ll just let me…”

“… Uhm, Doc? What’re you — ”

“Shut up, Ray. I have a package to unwrap…”