Banned Books Week is coming!

The last week of September is Banned Books Week, a celebration of sorts of those books deemed threatening or too challenging to ever be seen by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

And of course every year Doc spends a week re-editing those books to make them palatable to the sensitive little ones out there: his reduction of The Autobiography of Malcolm X to a blank book (“but hey, the pages were white!”), or the new and improved Dairy of Anne Frank (“Note to self: fashion trend — stars! So cute!”), or the “Sex and the City” rewrite of Gone with the Wind, with Miss Scarlett and her posse.

So what book from the increasingly long list of banned books would you like to see Doc tackle? Nothing is off the table here: we’re talking about a writer so adept that he made the Koran acceptable by simply renaming it the Bible, so go for it. We’ll take suggestions up till 20 September in the comments below, then watch out. Shout-outs and prizes for those selected: the cover design of the new and improved edition of your banned book!