Climate change…

It appears that events like Hurricane Harvey (who names a hurricane after a six-foot invisible rabbit??) are going to become the new normal, which should be a reminder to one and all that you can only muck with Nature for so long before it turns around and bites you back. I’ve never understood why, for example, some chemical manufacturing companies seem to think it’s perfectly okay to just dump their refuse in the nearest river: do they expect their moms to come clean it up for them? And it shouldnt take a whole lot of rocket science brain power to figure out that the more cars and trucks with Great Big Engines we throw on the highways, the more we’re sending exhaust toxins into the aimosphere — again, where do we think all this is gonna go? To the moon? We seem to need more and more and more plastic *crap* that serves its purpose for about ten minutes before spending the rest of Eternity in a landfill. I mean, serious, what the hell?

It may seem silly, but the next time you’re at the grocers’, and you’re tempted to buy a single-serving baked potato pre-wrapped in saran wrap… think again. All this plastic is killing us, folks. The store is three blocks away? Walk. It’s good for you, trust me. There are so many little things we can do to correct this, and put them all together, and — shockingly — they become one great big thing.

I know. Weird, huh… And if you need additional inspiration to prod you into simpler living, try this advice from my guys: