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gay marriage drama

No, it’s not funny.

It’s not meant to be.

I dont know what it’s going to take for you Yanks to wake the hell up about the way you’re being led around by the nose, but the never-ending drip-drip-drip-Chinese-water-torture battle over something that should have been settled a really, really long time ago is a helluva way for you to show your belief in those things like “equality” and “personal freedom” you love to boast about to anyone who will listen.

First, to you “Christians” (assuming any of you actually read this strip, which is doubtful right there): I dont want to hear about your eminent Biblical scholarship when it comes to matters regarding them awful gays. Discuss it amoung yourselves all you want, till you turn blue in the face for all I care… but dont tell me about your precious “religious freedoms”. That’s just a canard and a transparent one at that. You seem to conveniently forget that “freedom of religion” includes the concept “freedom from religion”, which is what started your increasingly schizophrenic country in the first place. Or did you forget that?

“But… but…” you cry out, back of hand locked to mouth in horror, “the Bible!” Yessir, the same book that says a man has the right to murder his wife on their wedding night if she turns out not to be a virgin. The same book that, by the way, gives him a pass if he isnt. The same book that says recalcitrant children should be executed… by bears — and we’re not talking hairy, overweight gay men. The same book that says, in the New Testament, that women “during that special time of the month”, are not allowed in the sanctuary “lest they make it unclean” — somehow I kinda doubt you have Tampon Checks at the church door every Sunday.

You prattle on and on about how much God loves you and answers your prayers calling for the destruction of everything you dont like… except you forget that more often than not, His answer is No. Why is that so difficult for you to accept? Do you think He’s going to just go ahead and do it because you cannot stop whining about it? You sure seem to spend an awful lot of time asking Him for “world peace”, but I guess your faith in Him ends when you feel the need to rush out and buy yet another gun to make that “world peace” happen, right?

Oh yeah, “Christians”. You’re an embarrassment to anyone truly of faith… and you’re apparently too blind or too stupid or too much of both to see it.

Then there’s the rest of you… who apparently enjoy being led around by the nose by these morons because you certainly give them enough power to do it. It’s only now we’re seeing one or two brave enough to stand up to them, but like everything else it just sits there and sputters out because you seem to think Someone Else will pick up the slack. There was huge media coverage recently of a transsexual woman who brought a stone to a city council meeting to confront the politician who thought he’d make hay with some idiotic, clearly discriminatory law he was trying to shove through. Thanks to her, he was publicly humiliated and forced to pull back. And you would think that an action this brave would inspire others to follow in her steps and do the same —

… but what happens? Nothing. Instead, we get even more of this nonsense: a group of “pastors” in Detroit who really should know better wasting everyone’s time by standing there and decrying how terrible gay marriage is, with all the usual “Christian” hysteria about what a terrible fate awaits the Greatest Country on Earth if this is allowed to happen. Oh yeah, got it, “reverends”.

And no one stood up to them. Oh yeah, a petition circulated around the internet, and you could sign it and then go back to whatever it was you were doing before, secure in the knowledge that now you’d done your part. Uh huh. Or the HRC sends out a spam email asking for donations, with which they do… what, exactly? Anything? Anything at all?

And then you wonder, aghast, why it really looks like the Republicans, who seem to hate everyone who’s not white and straight and protestant and male and beating his or her chest until it’s Red, White, and Blue, are taking the freaking Senate in November. Here, shoot off not just your foot, but everything up to the kneecap while you’re at it, okay? If your electorate allows them to do this, then truly — truly — you will have gotten the government you so richly deserve, and you will be in no position to complain about it.

And if that happens, then you can kiss off these judgments in Oregon and Utah and everyone else, because the Terribly Conservative Supreme Court will strike all of these down in one fell swoop. The essential fact that these bans were unconstitutional simply will not matter, no one whit. I’m hoping I’m wrong on that, but the way things are going, you’re going to do nothing but embolden a court that already wants to return your country to the 1950s… even as, of course, it looks for a way to make some money off the decision in the process.

And I have no doubt it will indeed find one.

So the choice is simple: allow yourselves to be ramrodded by people who simply do not like you and want you sent as far, far away as they can. Or do something about it by confronting them on every level to expose their hypocrisy and their venality.

Your choice. I suggest choosing wisely. Because you may never get another choice like this again.