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Taking in the midway rides at http://www.panhistoria.com…;

kissing booth

Continuing activities at Pan Historia’s Harvest Fair (www.panhistoria.com) this weekend, the boys take a wander into the Kissing Booth…

mechanical bull

This weekend, the boys will be participating at Pan Historia’s Harvest Festival and Fair (www.panhistoria.com). There’s a pi-eating contest (nope, not a type), a mechanical bull, a kissing booth, and a myriad of other surprises, so come on down and check it out.

The Scooter!

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“C’mon, ya gotta see this!”

“See what! Elliot, why are we going to the — o mon dieu… What is that…”

“Isnt it neat?”

“And why did you… buy this?”

“For little Raymond! For Christmas! It was on sale at Canadian Tire, and I thought, Man, what a perfect gift for our son!”

” — who is only four years old, I might add. Elliot…”

“Oh c’mon, Gilles. He’s gonna love it!”

“That’s what worries me, mon amour.”

“Okay, so he might be a little young for it, but he’ll grow into it! And then we’ll be ready!”


“Oh c’mon. Please??? Look, you wanna take it for a spin?”

“What? Est-ce que t’es completement fou?

“Well, sure. It helps to be a little fou now and then. C’mon, just get on it. Just for a moment.”

“Elliot, this is — “

“Now, imagine you’re his age. Now, take it for a spin around the yard.”


“You wont fall off. I’ll catch you before you do. C’mon. Look, just press that button there… and… see? Is that not the coolest sounding engine in, like, ever?”

“This is totally — Fine. Where is the clutch? Which is the brake?”

“There. And there. And that’s the gas…. Hey, check you out on your little scooter! Wait! Let me — “

“Elliot, there is not enough room for both of us on this thing!”

“Sure there is! See? Okay, give it the gas. Woo-hoo! I’m flying, Jack! I’m flying!

“Elliot! Sit down! Immediament!

“… Mmm. Okay, I’ll sit down, but I have to sit really close, ya know. Short seat…. Isnt this great?”

“… Oui, I suppose it is.”

“So can we give it to him?”

Non. He is too young.”

“Aw man…”


“But what?”

“We arent. Hold on!


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“… Hey. You asleep?”


“I thought as much. C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

“Not yet. Another five minutes.”

“… We’ve been in here for half an hour now.”


“Your fingers are getting all wrinkly.”

“So are yours. So what…”

“Well, yes… I guess…”

“… I heard the other day why fingers get all wrinkly in the water.”


“Makes it easier to grab things when everything’s all wet.”

“Interesting theory. Should we try it out?”

“Hold still… Yep, it works.”

“… Indeed it does.”


“C’mon, lazy man. Let’s go get dinner started.”

“It hasnt been five minutes yet. Besides, look, there’s only one towel.”

“I guess we’ll have to share it.”

“Here, put your arm there. Much better…”

“C’mon, Doc. We really should get out of this and get some dinner started.”

“Five years from now… when you’re remembering back on this moment… which do you want to remember: sitting in a tub of hot water with me or chopping a bunch of onions?”

“… Okay, five more minutes…”