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Interview Week! (1)

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It’s not too late to get your questions in for Interview Week! Pose one in the comments section below and see if the boys dare answer!!!


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Canada Flag Day!

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It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maple Leaf, so in honour of that, I’m repanelling something from last year.

canada flag day

Happy Canada Flag Day, everyone!


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The Pornmeister’s Dilemma! (10)

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We’re gonna leave Elliot and Kai to work on their film, because we have a couple of special events coming up. Tomorrow is, of course Valentine’s Day (as well as Pink Triangle Day up North), and Sunday is the 50th anniversary of Canada’s flag, so we’ll be commemorating all these. Then next week, we answer the burning questions that have come in for Interview Week — and there have been some real doozies…

There’s also two major book announcements coming as well as more information on the 3,000th celebration trivia game and scavenger hunt. Can you just stand it all???

As always, thanks for being such great readers…

The Pornmeister’s Dilemma! (9)

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You got questions? We got answers! Submit your queries to any member of the cast of DnR and see the answer during INTERVIEW WEEK! (coming soon!)