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eddie interlude

Where I am in the world, Pride Weekend is almost over. What an amazing past 72 hours this has all been, eh? The US finally getting marriage equality, coupled with some of the largest LGBT gatherings the world has ever seen. Right now, I’m looking at the header of my blogsite, and the host company has added a rainbow to the top. It’s a really sweet and wonderful gesture, just like the many, many others we’ve seen over the past few days: the White House in rainbow light, in particular, was a real jaw-dropper of a moment, considering this was a president who, four years ago, said marriage was one man and one woman. But he allowed himself open to the possibility, and now — look at what my American friends had to celebrate.

I seriously never thought I would see this in my lifetime. The US sometimes has a real hard time with putting teeth to the concept of “equality”. There are no real guarantees here either — already people who would prefer this not to happen are looking at ways, all legal, of stopping it. And given the current mood of the country. I would not be at all surprised to see some of those actions succeed. It’s exactly what happened when interracial marriage was made legal: some states looked for every possible loophole they could to stop it. I have no doubt that will happen here as well.

But I fear something else coming bask as well. During the Civil Rights struggles, blacks were harrassed, victimized, and murdered in almost unfathomable numbers. The white majority did not want to see them being able to do something as simple as vote, let alone marry, and African-Americans were intimidated and bullied into submission in some parts of the country. In others, they were simply murdered for being “uppity”.

And I fear we may see something like that yet again. Already there have been reports of a man trying to ram his car into the Chicago Pride Parade. In South Carolina, a man who owns a gay bar was beaten. Not directly tied to this, but just as frightening, five African American churches in North Carolina have been torched in the past day. There are a lot of very angry people out there, people who do not like this decision, who see it as some kind of personal threat, and who wish to protect themselves from that threat by pre-emptively threatening and attacking others “not like them”. I have no doubt we will see more of this in coming weeks, months, maybe even years…

But if you remember anything from this little comic of mine, remember what happened right here, between Eddoe and André — who are no different from the countless other couples out there. All they want is a little bit of personal happiness and personal respect and personal dignity. That’s all. Everything else is just so much… stuff.

I hope everyone reading this had a great Pride Weekend. See you tomorrow.


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I ran this series a few years back, but in light of the decision today, let’s give it another look, shall we? :-)



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