Grady! (3)

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grady 3

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grady 2

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Grady! (1)

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Some of you may remember the little story of Grady, Ray’s ex from Saskatchewan (January 2014) who showed up on the boys’ doorstep in the hopes of getting Ray back. Things didnt work out as Grady hoped (does it ever?), but Ray talked him into staying in MontrĂ©al and giving himself a fresh start…

… which takes us to…

grady 1

While you’re waiting…

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RW work issues have been commanding far too much time these days, but we’ll get back on track tonight with a new storyline. In the interim, a little taste of summer (or whatever you might wish) from my guys…

pin up


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The Gossips!

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A little homage to Rockwell for a Sunday morning…



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