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Manners! (9)

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

manners 9

Sorry it’s been quiet here for the past couple of days. Blame it on too much RW work. Or the bossa nova, if you prefer. But we’re back on track.


New titles released! New volumes in the “Doc and Raider” collection: RELENTLESSLY CANADIAN, SOMEWHAT CANADIAN, and WILDLY CANADIAN, as well as NO ONE EVER SAID THEY WERE ESPECIALLY BRIGHT (something no theatre queen’s library should be without!)… all perfect for summer readind! Check them all out by clicking here! And coming soon: TASTEFULLY CANADIAN, a cookbook every chef should have (Really, you should…), and a collection of non-story-specific images from the DnR archive: ARTFULLY CANADIAN. Watch for details!