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Scott Walker’s Wall!

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Coming Soon!

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This one is in the works and will probably hit the website sometime in September. A rom-com about the second time the farmboy from Saskatchewan met the virgin from Québec, it’s going to feature dancing teddy bears and… well… pirates! After all, you cant have a good romantic comedy without pirates, right?

It’s gonna be fun.

Grady! (7)

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grady 7

We’re going to leave this storyline for a while — after all, my characters do need their privacy sometimes, right? But we’ll certainly come back to see how Grady and his smooth-talking photographer get along. Maybe great, maybe not so great, maybe somewhere in between… We’ll see.

I have a friend in North Vancouver whose favourite saying is “LIfe is not a dress rehearsal.” It’s a t-shirt slogan now, of course, but Ken was saying it long before it was street-popular… and more to the point, he lived it as an all-engaging life philosophy. He’s one of those inordinate human being who grabs life by the shoulders and says, “C’mon, let’s go get a beer and raise some hell.” He took risks — albeit measured ones, but risks nevertheless. And by and large, they paid off handsomely.

Thing is, life has to contain a certain degree of risk, right? True, every day could be your last, but we’re not looking at that side of things for the moment. Instead, consider: you never know when that one-night stand might turn into something much bigger. That job you took as an interim thing for the money might become a passionate career. The moment you run away from life, for whatever reason and with no real destination in mind, might lead you to a whole new life, filled with things you never quite dreamed possible for yourself.

But here’s the deal: you’ll never know until you try. I know, sounds way too easy. But it’s true. Sure, it might not work out like you planned: not everyone who goes to New York becomes a Broadway star… and yet, at the same time, some people do. Someone has to do it, right?

So why not you?

OK, enough moralizing. We’re gonna play with some current events over the next few days; there’s been way too much good stuff going on not to indulge a bit. Then? Well, we’ll see…

Thanks again for being such great readers.


Grady! (6)

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grady 6a


Just a quick sketch of the guys doing their usual thing. :-)