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Celebrate! (6)

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2010: the year we discovered the truth behind the stain on That Blue Dress, the year we met Didi, housewife-turned-interplanetary-heroine, the year the O-Gang uncovered a nefarious plot involving the BP oil spill and rent boys, the year Mik spent dancing with himself because of a Welsh rarebit, the year Kai and Mik became Hugh and Brad, the year Aiko the Transsexual Waiter came out to his customers, the year Elliot stepped in as BackUp Priest for Père Gilles, and the year we snoozed through the Oscars.

But it was not a year solely of fun and games: 2010 was also the year Kai was raped, a crime ultimately solved by a highway trooper who would play a major role in Mik and Kai’s life in 2011. But more on that next time…..

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The strip really started stretching its muscles in 2009. Yes, we still had the single-panels that had been its hallmark, but now we also saw the first steps in what were to become multi-year story archs. This was the year we introduced Obama into the cast, Elliot hooked up with Gilles, Raider was gay-bashed in an alley, Kai went off to Afghanistan, and Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman kissed. But this was only the start of many, many things to come…

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Celebrate! (3)

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That’s the boys from one of the earliest webcomic panels, from — as noted — 2006. Bit of a difference, huh…

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celebrate 2

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A little night off…

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We’re giving the boys a night off, because there’s something VERY BIG happening over the next few days. And while you wait for that, feel free to get down…

night off

… with music by DJ Kyree: