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Sharing is Caring! (8)

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I sometimes do these as prep work for a more involved piece, but I’m kinda thinking this one would be fun as a series of fairy tale (yea, I know: irony!) images.

sleeping beauty

Sharing is Caring! (7)

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Moron of the Week!

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Unless you’re Canadian, it’s doubtful you’ve heard about Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger who now faces 1,000 lashes because of a blog post he wrote making fun of the Saudi Royal family. He’s taken fifty so far, and the doctors have said that an additional fifty could quite easily kill him. So the punishment has been postponed until he heals, and then he’ll get his spine cracked some more.

Now let’s think about this, shall we? Does he really deserve this over a blog post? Are the Saudi royals so freaking thin-skinned that they cant handle a little ridicule? Yes, I know, Saudi Arabia has a very different way of seeing its ruling class than the way we in Canada view our political leaders. But come on — this is ridiculous. Killing a man because you cant handle a bit of rough truth about yourself? Only the most emotionally juvenile, the kind who would go running to Mom to make it all better, would act like this. Poor babies, no doubt sobbing away in their solid gold showers because someone said a mean thing about them.

Well, boo freaking hoo, boys. Grow the hell up and let this guy go. Exile him if you want, but killing over this just makes you look like a bunch of sad, emotionally stunted little wimps. Maybe you could take advantage of this as a learning opportunity to see how those so very, very beneath you feel about your self-important little rear ends. I doubt you will, of course, but anything is possible, right?

So, my moron of the week? The Saudi Royal family. Send me the info, kids, and I’ll post some t-shirts thus colourfully emblazoned for you to wear to your next “Hey, look at me! I’m really, really important, and you cant make fun of me!” execution.

And to our glorious leaders in Ottawa: you’ll sell these little infantae millions in armament but cant press for a human rights violation? Oh yeah, that says a lot about your priorities as well, kids. You’ll stand up to Putin and make cracks about China so you can get face time on the international stage, but then you’ll completely ignore this? It’s suddenly “difficult” because they’re… what, a customer, and the customer is always right? Gimmeafreakingbreak. I know a sham when I see it. And like all Canadians, I’ll remember this come Election Day.

Sharing is Caring! (6)

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Sharing is Caring! (5)

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In time for Valentine’s Day…

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Romance is definitely in the air this month at JA Press. Forever Canadian, the story of how a city boy from Québec and a country boy from Saskatchewan got together, will be ready for release in about two weeks, just in time for something nice for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. And if you thought they were just some one-night stand that lucked out… ooo boy, are you in for a surprise.


And if things arent sappy enough on that day, there’s also Still Canadian, Elliot and Gilles’ saga of cross-border romance.