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Air rouge! (6)

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Eyes glazed, the man from FEMA suddenly looked up. “How did you two — ”

“We found the hatch,” Doc answered. “What is this place?”

The man sighed. “Our control room.” he held out the phone. “I”m on hold.”

“On hold? You have a phone line??”

The man suddenly clutched the receiver to his chest. “Yes, but it’s a government line. Not for public use.”

“But — ”

“No! If I give it to you, I might as well just let this entire island blow up. I have to press 1, you see. I have to. I’ve been on hold for… fourteen hours now, and I have to keep pressing 1 every half hour if I want to stay in line.”

“You’re on hold with FEMA?” Paul asked incredulously.

The man nodded, sadly. “We only have so many resources. And it’s been a busy season. Lots of disasters to shore up.”

“I dont get it,” Doc said with an audible edge. “Where the frack are we?”

“You’re… on the Island,” the man replied hesitantly.

“I get that, but what island?”

“I — hello?? Hello?? Arrgghh!!! Look,” he continued with a wave, “just go down that corridor. You’ll find all the answers you want.”

“But — ”

The man held out the receiver. “Do you mind? I”m trying to get some work done here! Just go!”

The corridor was long and winding and oppressively ill-lit, to Doc’s practiced eye. “You’d think he’d at least tell us where we’re going… or what we’re supposed to look for.”

“Doc… look at this.” Paul was pointing at a large, crudely drawn mural on one of the walls. “Doesnt this look like a map? Look, see? Here’s the beach where we all landed. Here’s the village… well, sort of one anyway… that they had ready for us.”

“Yeah, but what are these?” Doc asked. “They look like symbols of some kind. See? A bird, here.”

“Here’s a giant head,” Paul added. “Easter Island?”

“No way. We werent in the air long enough. Here’s another: an eye?”

“Looks like it, but what’s it looking at? Is this a bridge?”

“No, it’s the letter M. What on earth…. wait! Paul! Tell me about the passengers!”


“We have four old ladies in a pack, right? What else??”

“Couple of large families on vacation. The crazy bus driver and his wife. A whole bunch of obnoxious rich people in first class — what a pain they are. Some rock band, but they seem pretty nice.”

“What else???”

“… Well, there’s that kid doctor. Got me on that one. A bunch way in the back that keep overworking the bar cart. A few others, but I didnt notice anything special about them. Why?”

“And so they brought all of us to this… village, where we’re supposed to wait, even though we dont know why.”

Paul’s face cascaded in revelation. “You dont think we’re — ”

Doc nodded. “This is where they send cancelled TV shows to die.”