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Air rouge! (2)

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It was so strange, that final night before his departure. Doc’s shaved head should have been a little thing, but I still felt like I was sleeping with a stranger. A cute stranger, sir. But still a stranger.

I dont know why I had so many misgivings about this venture of his. On the surface, it should have been great, a wonderful opportunity. But there were so many things that felt… wrong, and throughout the day of getting organized and getting him to the airport so many red flags were raised that I thought we were in a production of the Red Detachment of Women.

“You’re not flying with the rest of them?”

Doc shrugged. “They overbooked. So I’m on a separate flight. No big deal. We’ll all get to Disney one way or another.”

“Doc, are you sure you want to go ahead with this?”

“Not much choice now. If we walk out of here, I owe Air Canada about two grand.”


“Part of the contract, Ray. It’s a per diem that I have to pay back to them.”

“They cant even do that much for you??” I was almost furious. He’d never told me that. “After the training, you’re gonna make… what?”

He gave me a small smile. “Minimum wage… but that’s just for now.”

“Minimum wage???” I was now near apoplectic. “Are you serious? Why didnt you tell me?”

He grinned. “Because if I had, you’d never let me do this. Now relax, okay? We dont need to worry about money, okay? We’re fine.”

“Then why in God’s name are you doing this?”

The grin expanded. “It’ll be fun. I get to hang out with Goofy and the Princesses.”


“Yes, I know: it’s silly and stupid. I’m older than anyone else in the group, and believe me I feel it. So… maybe this is just a… mid-life crisis.”

“You’re too young for that.”

“You’re so sweet. Maybe that’s why I love you. Okay, they’re calling my flight. Gotta run. I’ll call you from the hotel tonight, okay?”

“Call collect!”

He kissed me. “Silly. Of course.”

He ran to the ticket counter, then, waving at me, disappeared up the tunnel.

It was the last time I was to see him for a long, long time….

Caption Contest 3!

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Okay, time for the monthly Caption Contest! Here’s your image — remember, only two real rules: make it true to the characters and make me laugh. Okay, a third: make sure you could show it to your grandmother.

The winner will get a $25 gift card from Amazon and a custom wallpaper for the e-device of your choice. Deadline is next Monday, 11:59PM. Post your entries in the comments below, and make sure I have a valid email I can use to contact you.

Air rouge!

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“Oh, c’mon, Ray! Just think: we’ll get free tickets to fly all over the place! And I get this snazzy hipster uniform! It’s perfect!”

“But what about your writing?”

“What about it?”

“You gonna have time for that if you’re flying between here and… wherever?”

“Of course I will, silly. This is just going to be part time, once I finish the training.”


“Yeah!” he grinned like a ten year old. “They’re sending us to Disneyland to learn how to be … you know… nice. To the passengers. When they get unruly. Or drunk. Or both.”

“And you’ll be able to do that?”

He kissed me on the nose. “Of course I can, silly.”

I wasnt so sure. For some unfathomable reason, Doc had decided he needed to get a job, and all of a sudden I come home to him jumping around in delight: Air Canada had accepted him as part of the initial run of flight attendants for their new discount airline, rouge. I didnt even know he’d applied to be one. I suspect the job in question had less to do with actually working to make money and more with looking très cool

… but then cool, like so many other things, is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. “You shaved your head.”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “Ya like it?”

“It’s… gonna take some getting used to, I think.”

He grinned. I think he looked less a flight attendant and more a surly guy who would hang out listening to indie bands who sang songs about the way the government was misinterpreting the loving gesture of a raised middle finger. The papers were describing the uniforms as cast offs from the costume racks at Glee, and perhaps they were right. “So,” I said with the kind of resigned tone that I hoped he’d catch, “when do you start?”

He didnt. It flew right over him. “Tomorrow morning.”


He nodded.

“What about your hair? Does everyone who shaves it off get a job?”

Laughing, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around for a hug. “It’ll grow back! C’mon, Ray. This is gonna be so… cool!”

YOUR Cat! (3)

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YOUR Cat! (2)

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YOUR Cat! (1)

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There’s another large-scale story that’ll start probably on Wednesday, but in the interim…


Yup, we’re gonna do a few days of cheap jokes about gay men and their cats!

And… end of this coming week, it’ll be time for another Doc and Raider Caption Contest! Be ready!

Pots and Pans! (4)

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