Caption Contest 2!

Posted: April 30, 2013 in caption contest

Okay, since the last one was such a blast, I figured, what the heck, let’s do it again. Between now and next Tuesday 12:01AM EST, give me your best caption for the image below. As before, the winner gets a $25 Amazon gift card and a custom wallpaper design for the electronic device of her/his choosing.

caption 2

Winner is based on how well it rings with the characters and how much it makes me laugh. That’s it. So let’s see whatcha got, folks!

  1. benpanced says:

    Please. If it doesn’t go with the decor or my wardrobe, it’s not on the menu!

  2. “Good night; thank you ladies!”
    “I don’t understand how anyone can wear that much jewelry and yet look so cheap- or tip so poorly.”

  3. “Tropical … Hmm … A hint of musk? Manly musk? … Refreshing? Cool? Yes, yes … Miami Stud Milk? Yes … I like that … Thank you, gentlemen for your time with our marketing test group.”

  4. centexman says:

    Well… I was going to enter but I think benpanced nailed it.

  5. H. R. Holt says:

    “First, you gotta make it blend; and, if it can’t blend, just let it slide. Just… slide, ya got me?”
    “Obviously someone has had one too many daiquiris…”

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